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VU Workflow Technologies (052513) (up)


FAQ Regarding Organsisation (up)

FAQ Regarding Content (up)

Gesunder Menschenverstand wird vorausgesetzt. 

Dates (up)

01. Unit
Preliminary talk

Assignments (up)

Assignment 1: Extract und Model (5 points) 
Assignment 2: Workflow Verifikation (7 points) 
Assignment 3: Aristaflow (8 points) 
Assignment 4: Workflow Execution (30 points) 
Assignment 5: Model Translation (5 Points) 

Resources (up)

Chapter 1 (up)

Chapter 2 (up)

Chapter 3 (up)

Chapter 4 (up)


VirtualBox Images (up)

«Aristaflow + Derby, Woflan Virtualbox Image» (VM Password
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