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Use the VM or install yourself: 
Visit the DBIS website «» (no audio) and watch the screencasts for part I-III. 

Assignment 3a:

Model your process A, and create an initial running Prototype: 
Its ok when the process at a given time is only able to run through with same branches and number of iterations. Test with different static values to cover all branches. 
Submission: 2 Files 

Assignment 3b:

Create database tables for your process (Apache Derby), which each contain at least 10 entries. 
Use the following details for connecting to Derby in the VM: 
Submission: 3 Files  

Assignment 3c:

Model an organisational structure in Aristaflow, and connect it to your process: 
(In anderen Tools oder METAMODELLEN wird nicht zwischen Org-Positions und Rollen unterschieden) 
Tip: An introduction for the AristaFlow OrgModell-Editor is found in the screencast "OrgModel Editor". 
Submission: 3 Files  
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