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VU Cloud Computing, 050127 VU 4.0 SWS, WS 16/17

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See final exam below to know the scope of topics that can be asked in the final exam
Exercise Cloud Storage: Team-pages with your VM access are available here: Cloud Storage
The Grading of the IaaS assignments is finished. Check grading!
It will take time to set up the VM, so request one ASAP if you don't use your own Hardware!
If you want to use a faculty-provided VM for the IaaS-assignment, please request one by writing your name, and OS preferrence to «»! Please also note, that the deadline for this assignment has been extended.
The evaluation and grading of the first assignment is finalized. Please check your results under "Grading"!
Please check the submission details for assignments on using GitLab to commit your work!
You should have received an Email from «», a git platform where you will commit your assignments. Please follow the link to change your password. Details for committing assignments will be posted within the assignment description.
Attention! The lecture room for Wednesday and Thursday has changed to Seminarraum 4 and 5 respectively, 1.UG, Währingerstraße 29 - except the preliminary lecture, which takes place in SR 8!
The lecture room for Wednesday has changed to Seminarraum 4, 1.UG, Währingerstraße 29
First lecture 
05. 10. 2016, 16:45, Seminarraum 8 
Time and date 
Wednesday, 16:45 - 18:15, SR 4, Währingerstr 29, 1. UG 
Thursday, 18:30 - 20:00, SR 5, Währingerstr 29, 1. UG 
«Siegfried Benkner» 
«Yuriy Kaniovskyi» 
«Martin Koehler» 
«Alexander Wöhrer» 
«Alexander Steiner» 
Target audience 
Cloud computing is an advanced exercise-oriented and implementation-heavy lecture mainly targeted for Master students  
Prerequisite knowledge 
Software Engineering, OOP, Java, parallel computing, Linux administration 
Prerequisite courses 
Distributed Systems Engineering (DSE) or Parallel Computing (PC) or IS Technology (IST, old study program) or Scientific Programming (SP, old study program) 
Content goals 
Understanding and assessment of fundamental concepts and principles for development of Cloud-based applications and infrastructures. Ability to set up and maintain Cloud infrastructures and to develop Cloud-based applications using state-of-the-art of cloud computing frameworks, cloud toolkits, web services and big data technologies. 
Requirements for a positive grade: 
Final Exam (Abschlusstest) 
01.02.2017, 16:45, SR 4  
Topics: The final exam will include any or all topics discussed in the lectures (see lecture notes) and will mainly consist of theory questions. 
Lecture plan ( preliminary, subject to change ) 
05.10.16 16:45
Preliminary Lecture (Vorbesprechung) (Room SR 8, 1. UG, Währingerstrasse)
06.10.16 18:30
13.10.16 18:30
Lecture: OGSA, Web and REST Services, Exercise Assignment: Java Web Services
Deadline: Java Web Services
09.11.16 16:45
Lecture: Infrastructure as a Service, Exercise Assignment: IaaS
07.12.16 16:45
Lecture: Platform as a Service, Exercise Assignment: PaaS
Deadline: IaaS - extended
14.12.16 16:45
15.12.16 18:30
Lecture: Cloud Storage ctd., Exercise: Cloud Storage
Deadline Exercise Cloud Storage - no course!
25.01.17 16:45
Deadline PaaS, Presentation PaaS
26.01.17 18:30
Presentation PaaS
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