The Learning Organization in the Age of the Internet

Facilitators: Antonio Monteiro dos Santos, Renate Motschnig-Pitrik, Tomas Pitner and Nino Tomaschek 

Key facts

4th iCom PhD course 
Time: 21/11/2012 11 AM - 23/11/2012 6:30 PM 
Wed: 21/11/2012 13.00-19.30; Thu: 22/11/2012 9.30-18.00; Fri: 23/11/2012 9.30-18.30 
Location: Room B517, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University Brno, CZ 


It seems that we all share the following mission: 
If you grossly agree, each of us can ask:  
So we can ask: "How can I/we be the change that I/we want to see happening?" 
And, certainly, the facilitators agree: "We need YOU to fill the space (not only) between the stars!" 

Course description

Generally speaking, the objective is an advancement of interpersonal competences and knowledge while working and collaborating in a small group or team that meets face2face and employs or develops services using the Internet . The essence lies in introducing, experiencing, practicing and reflecting principles of the learning organization and those of the Person-Centered Approach in the context of ICT.  
Objectives at the knowledge, skills and attitudes level 
Course Mode 
Evaluation Please submit all contributions (reactions, self-evaluations, short seminar theses) no later than December 10th, 2012 
Expected Learning Outcomes 
Literature and links 

Encouraged Learning Sequences

In the phase of planning for the course, the following collaborative learning sequences appear to be particularly valuable: 

Proposed Course Structure

1st day:  
2nd day:  
3rd day: 
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