This course takes place at the Masaryk University in Brno. It belongs to the PhD supplementary program developed in the project iCom in partnership between the Masaryk University and the University of Vienna. 
About the invited lecturer Michal Vallo 

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The development of society and technological innovations bring about new challenges for which traditional approaches are no longer adequate. New approaches need to be applied in order to meet the respective challenges. 
Agile management enables companies to dramatically increase their productivity, improve the quality of software, and involve individual employees. The course provides detailed information on the working of agile methodologies, the competences and responsibilities of project stakeholders, and the requirements that accrue for organizations and their executives from adopting agile management. Furthermore, the course will offer a unique opportunity for participants from industry and academia to learn together. They are going to experience management learning in action. Researchers will identify research questions relevant for practice and share their research ideas with practitioners in order to check the relevance of their ideas for practice.  

Reflection of the course PLEASE SUBMIT in the tab "ePortfolio" UNTIL 18 DEC (or ask for deadline extension now)

Participants from academia who want to get a course certificate are supposed to write a detailed personal reflection of the course (about 2 pages expected, but more or less can be justified). This is primarily intended to capture your personal learning and to share it in the community of doctoral students. Typically, such a reflection may include, amongst others, responses to questions such as: 

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Management Learning: Conference paper 
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