Literaturseminar (SR) - 50009 1 1 / Forschungsprivatissimum (SE) - 50091 3 + 50092 3


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0. Preliminary discussion (Vorbesprechung): Preliminary discussion (Vorbesprechung): Wednesday, 18.3.09 at 14:00 hours in the seminar room of the Institute for Knowledge and Business Engineering, Rathausstr. 19/9.  
22 persons were present.  
For the literature seminar (Motschnig): there will be collaborative meetings when need be. The dates will be published here in CWEB. 
A final presentation of written works (about 15 pages each ) is suggested. 
Presentations of the written works: 30 min presentation, 15 min discussion. 
For the literature seminar (Schikuta): there are available «topics»  
For Karagiannis: topics will be given after personal contact. 
Final presentation schedule for literature seminar and research seminar (Forschungsprivatissimum):  
For the research practicals (Forschungspraktikum): the respective supervisor (Motschnig, Schikuta, Karagiannis) assists the student(s) through out the internship. Both - student and the respective supervisor - have to agree in each case on the subject area of the research, for example, emperical evaluation, implementation, etc. 
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