VU Ubiquitous Computing

The VU Ubiquitous Computing will in this term use a different mode, extending the course held last term. 
Students who are interested in participating this term should propose a topic from the general area of Ubiquitous Computing on their own. Please send proposals via email to <rene [dot] mayrhofer [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at>. 
Please see the «UbiComp-Webpage» from the last term for the issues that we have talked about. 
Let us know if you are interested in UbiComp. 


Dr. Rene Michael Mayrhofer
rene [dot] mayrhofer [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at
Bernd Pinter
bernd [dot] pinter [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at
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