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2nd International Workshop on Theory and Applications of Process Visualization, Beijing, China - 26 August 2013

In conjunction with the 11th International Conference on Business Process Management «(BPM2013)» 

Workshop Goals

The representation of business process models has been a continuing research topic for many years now. However, many process model representations have not developed beyond minimally interactive 2D icon-based representations of directed graphs and networks, with little or no annotation for information overlays. In addition, very few of these representations have undergone a thorough analysis or design process with reference to psychological theories on data and process visualization. This dearth of visualization research, we believe, has led to problems with BPM uptake in some organizations, as the representations can be difficult for stakeholders to understand, and thus remains an open research question for the BPM community. In addition, business analysts and process modeling experts themselves need visual representations that are able to assist with key BPM life cycle tasks in the process of generating optimal solutions. 
With the rise of desktop computers and commodity mobile devices capable of supporting rich interactive 3D environments, we believe that much of the research performed in computer human interaction, virtual reality, games and interactive entertainment have much potential in areas of BPM; to engage, provide insight, and to promote collaboration amongst analysts and stakeholders alike. We believe this is a timely topic, with research emerging in a number of places around the globe, relevant to this workshop. 
This is the second TAProViz workshop being run at BPM. The intention this year is to consolidate on the results of last year's successful workshop by further developing this important topic, identifying the key research topics of interest to the BPM visualization community.  
Call for Papers (PDF) 

Workshop Co-Chairs

Ross Brown «r.brown@qut.edu.au» 
Simone Kriglstein «simone.kriglstein@univie.ac.at» 
Stefanie Rinderle-Ma «stefanie.rinderle-ma@univie.ac.at» 
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